Richard Construction, Inc. (RCI) is a general contracting construction firm that manages all aspects of construction for the petrochemical and petroleum refining industry.

Commanding a safety-focused team of experienced construction professionals, RCI can perform projects on a direct hire basis that would normally be subcontracted. This lets you bring our renowned work ethic and safety culture onto your work site—enabling us to deliver an on-schedule project that meets your standards and expectations.

RCI is also proud to operate one of the largest pipe fabrication shops on the gulf coast; producing pipe of all materials and maintaining U, R, and S ASME-Coded stamps. These features allow RCI to function with highest quality control over the pipe we install on your project.

Summary of RCI Services

General Construction Contracting

Turnkey project execution
Pressure piping fabrication
Piping installation
Structural steel erection
Process equipment installation
Modular fabrication
Foundations and paving
Piping and process equipment testing
Disaster Recovery

Pipe Fabrication

RCI fabricates top-quality, American-made pipe of all sizes at our 85,0000-square-foot facility in Beaumont, Texas. This is one of the largest piping fabrication facilities on the Gulf Coast, producing approximately 1500 spools per month – enough for any industrial project.

Carbon steel
Stainless steel
Chrome alloys
Duplex stainless steel

Construction Work Normally Subcontracted

Major foundations
E/I work
Fire proofing

Three segregated fabrication shops – 85,000 sq. ft.


Bridge cranes: 12 EA., 10T / 30T
Automatic welders
Vernon pipe cut-off machine (4 axis)
Positioners w/chucks
Turning rolls
Pulse feed welders
Weld manipulators
Submerged arc welding machines
10 ton x 40’ trailers
Telescoping fork truck
Commercial truck tractors
RCI can coordinate many other services from our sister firms to complete your project. This reduces and simplifies administrative and management efforts you encounter when dealing with multiple contractors. It also provides you with the assurance that all activities are being conducted under the same efficient and effective safety program and culture

We encourage you to review our sample projects and visit with our clients to learn more about our quality, performance and ability to finish a job safely, on time and on budget. Contact us to learn more about how RCI and your company can build not only facilities and equipment, but also a trusting and long-lasting relationship.