Richard Automation offers formal training on the systems we engineer and install. Our training process philosophy is based on the utilization of the graphics and alarm management software configured for your specific project. Furthermore, our training programs are formulated for large control system integration projects and include the testing of the operations personnel which assures and verifies all participants have achieved a full understanding of the systems and standards.

Operator, Maintenance and Engineer training is typically done on the actual configured equipment prior to the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), allowing the training to be specific to the project and to provide site personnel adequate time to become familiar with the system prior to loop check and cutover. Formal training classes are also available at our facilities or at a facility designated by our customer.

Upon completion of integration, all components including configuration, graphics, alarm management, programming, historian packaging, and advanced automation applications are tested to verify project scope system compliance. A detailed FAT is performed on all systems prior to shipment. We encourage client participation due to a proven benefit of aiding in the reduction of project costs associated with field installation and hot cutover.

Planning is instrumental for any start-up and commissioning, especially hot cutovers. Our process for Commissioning and Startup will:

Validate Project Mechanical Completeness
Verify Design Consistent with Installation
Define Commissioning Scope Efficiently
Focus on Highest Safety & Environmental Compliance, Mechanical Integrity and Operational Reliability
Focus on Mechanical Integrity
Focus on Operational Reliability
Provide a Documented Strategy
Achieve Exponential Improvements in Execution
Provide a Work Plan
Contribute to a Successful and Smooth Startup

The Richard Advantage:

As a member of the RIG family of companies, RDS drives and coordinates with our related companies to implement your project. This provides reduced project risk, improved cost management seamless execution, and focused safety benefits of working with a single company. We invite you to view our sample projects and speak to our clients regarding our quality, performance and ability to finish a job safely, on time and on budget. Let us show you the Future of Engineering and how we can provide you with a unique level of flexibility and responsiveness to meet your engineering needs. We look forward to sharing more about how we can assist you when you contact us.