Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Quality cannot be left to chance. Richard Industrial Group’s commitment to quality and on-going performance improvement begins with our management and is embraced by all team members. Our quality manuals outline documentation, processes, and procedures applied on each project which conforms to the rigorous international standards of ISO 9001 and applicable industry standards, including the most important criteria of all: that of our clients.

The quality control process, an integral part of RIG’s daily operation, includes the following key elements:

Document Control - Our detailed processes ensure that the most current revisions of drawings and specifications are utilized.
Material Management - We certify that all materials are in compliance with design specifications, drawings, and standards.
Material Storage - We store all materials according to manufacturer's recommendations.
Field Installation - We ensure that all materials are installed according to specifications, drawings, standards; all components are calibrated and tested to verify proper operations.
Turnover - We prepare client packages and folders with applicable test forms and other important documentation

Our People Make the Difference

Each RIG employee, from craftsman through manager, has clearly-defined responsibilities for ensuring total project quality. Ensuring everyone stays focused on our quality mission, their pay is based on their level of proficiency. For example, craftsmen must acquire appropriate certification or complete their respective union apprenticeship before receiving journeyman’s pay. All foremen, general foremen, and superintendents must obtain advanced certifications to receive supervisory pay. 

We provide financial incentives and encourage all quality control professionals to attend advanced training to upgrade their certification. We sponsor training for planners, schedulers, and other professionals whose expertise is critical to each project, while concurrently developing their skills through our in-house mentoring and performance assessment programs. 

As a result, each project team is an elite group of the industry’s best trained professionals. 

Contract Inspectors 
RIG companies offers standalone contract inspection services to ensure your facilities and equipment meet your standards and specifications. We employ some of the industry’s most qualified engineers with more than 25% of them being PEs of every discipline with many being licensed in practically every state. We have the resources and flexibility to be able to quickly deploy qualified inspector(s) to your site to meet your quality assurance requirements. Contact us to find out more about how we can assist you with your specific inspection needs.