Laser Scanning

Richard has a full-service laser scanning division with over 80 years of combined field experience.
We bring cutting-edge technology and a streamlined approach to each project.

Laser scanning provides highly accurate field data that can be used in place of field sketches. It is a safe, fast, and comprehensive method for collecting field data. The scans can be provided in many native formats that work well with today’s advanced CAD systems, and they can be easily incorporated into the overall 3D CAD models of an existing plant site. This provides our Clients an up to date view of the existing facility with the planned detail design changes before the first drawing is ever created.

Our field survey work procedures insure the accuracy and quality of the laser scans. All horizontal and vertical control for the laser scan are established using standard surveying techniques. Scan targets, are then located based on the completed survey traverse and level loop.

Laser Scan Team and Equipment

2 full-time Laser Scan Crews (each consists of 2 technicians, laser scanner, total station, level, and all associated equipment)
2 in-office Senior Scan Registration Specialists
1 in-office Senior Survey Data Transfer Specialist

Laser Scan Project Capabilities

Process unit as-built scanning
Elevated scan for structures and vessels
Grade scans for foundations, paving, and site drainage
Tank containment volume scans
Digital terrain model scans (used in site drainage / cut and fill quantities)
Inventory scanning of stockpiled material
Equipment verification scans
Existing equipment as-built scanning
Module verification scans
Construction progress scanning
Heavy haul routes / roads clearance surveying (for new equipment / modules transport through plant site)
Marshaling cabinets scanning
RIE / Electrical building scanning
Offices / shops scanning for evacuation routes and safety training
Fabrication shop QA/QC scans

Pledge & Commitment

Safety will always be our first priority.
We will use only proven work flow processes which ensure accuracy.
We will provide quality work and competitive rates.