50K BPSD Hydrocracking Unit (HCU) - Shell

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Shell licensed technology
Includes HCU, Saturated Gas Recovery Unit (SGRU), Sour Water Stripper (SWS), Amine Treating Unit (ATU) and associated Offsites (OSBL)
HCU with 23 piperack modules (super modules)
SGRU with 40 modules and 13 piperack modules (super modules)
ATU with two process modules and two piperack modules (truckable)
Stick built 900 gpm SWS
OSBL with cooling tower, cold feed expansions, pump house expansion
350,000 man-hours, RDS Engineering and Design
Executed ATU and SWS on a lump sum basis – approx. 200,000 man-hours
Over 300,000 man-hours total OSBL scope executed on a reimbursable basis

Offsites (OSBL)

11 piperack modules
Cold feed
Flare area
Cooling tower
4,300 feet of stick built rack
90,000 linear feet of pipe
  • Total RIG Scope: approximately 850,000 man-hours