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To sustain growth and commercial viability, plant operations must have information management systems with enhanced decision support capabilities to facilitate global design, production and lifecycle optimization. Today’s challenge is sustainability in the market, which means:
  • Operational efficiency is critical and to achieve this, a manufacturer must gain control over the very valuable process information asset to optimize the product manufacturing process.
  • The manufacturer must capture and analyze the necessary information to build and operate a plant in record time which contributes to reduced time-to-market and an optimized supply chain.
RAI’s information management team has experience with the best-in-class systems and software. From concept and design through operations, maintenance and decommission, our goal is to maximize a plant’s efficiency. Our experienced information management teams specialize in integrating information beyond the physical asset, processes and regulatory/safety imperative. This experience provides the manufacturer with the best available deliverables, to include:
  • Optimized information models
  • Information collection and archiving architectures
  • Real-time and Historical data collection system designs
  • Data evaluation and decision engine design
  • Plant efficiency models to manage production goals and operational excellence through better engineering data management
  • Operating safety and environmental model
  • Asset performance models
  • Data visualization models and methods to provide intuitive data presentation
  • Data and analysis reporting methods
  • Sophisticated data transformation: User defined data structures and calculations to provide powerful, reusable algorithms in addition to external application data support to visualize data
  • Secure historic data storage and Access to implement Fault tolerant and distributed data configurations provide increased data availability.
  • Integrated administration and configurations that provides single point change management and eliminates duplicate engineering effort
  • Industrial Communication Security Solutions
  •   Process Control Network (PCN) Assessments and Cyber Security Audits
  •   Secure External and Remote Access Systems
  •   Defense in Depth (DiD) Remediation Designs
  •   Site-Specific Security Policies and Procedures (ICSR)
  • Design and Implementation of Security Controls Mitigation Solutions
  •   Intrusion Prevention / Detection Systems
  •   Network Access Control (NAC) Systems
  • Legacy System Migration, Installation, and Support
  • Industrial Network Architecture
  •   Assessment
  •   Design
  •   Fabrication
  •   Installation
  •   Commissioning
  • Physical Security Access Control
  •   Keypads/PIN Credentials and Proximity Card Readers
  •   Master Point Control
  •   Swipe Card Credential Readers and Credential Enrollment
  •   Secure TWIC Card Credential Readers
  • Process Data Historian Systems, Support and Maintenance
  •   Data Collection Systems and Custom Interface Solutions
  •   Process Data Integration (Level 3) with Enterprise Data Systems (Level 4)
  •   Administration and Maintenance Support
  •   Secure Real-time Visualizations and Performance Monitoring

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