Richard Industrial Group provides many differing services, but the safety program is a common thread woven into every aspect of each company and is considered a core value, where safety always comes first. Management understands that a successful safety program must start at the top, thus their active involvement and devotion to provide our employees and clients with the support and guidance from well-trained safety professionals are objectives that must be consistently achieved and remain a paramount activity within their day-to-day operations. It is our belief that all accidents are preventable, therefore we are commited to a goal of zero incidents. This commitment is a condition of employment; no job is so important that it cannot be done safely. We empower each employee to be responsible for safety. Our philosophy is that our employee’s belief, support, and active engagement in our safety processes and procedures are essential to our successful safety record.

Overview of the integrated initiatives utilized to execute each project safely:
  • Pre-Project Safety Planning – Allows management and employees to design a safety program around the specific demands of each project, operations, and site.
  • Employee Selection and Hiring Program – Keeps “at risk” direct and subcontract employees (employees) off each job site.
  • Substance Abuse Screening Program (DISA) – Assists in ensuring all supervisors and employees are allowed to work in a substance abuse-free environment.
  • Safety Orientation and Training Program – Ensure all supervisors, employees and subcontractors know the site-specific safety plan and requirements.
  • Safety Recognition Program – Creates a positive incentive for reducing “at risk” behavior.
  • Record Keeping and Follow-up Program – Enables us to monitor the effectiveness of the safety plan and to identify any weaknesses for pro-active resolution.
  • Accident, Injury, and Near Miss Investigations – Conducted by management and employees as they focus on “fact finding” rather than “fault finding”.
  • Management Support at All Levels – Reinforces a safety culture through leadership, funding commitment, personal interaction with employees, and visible participation at site audits and safety-related events.
  • Employee Responsibility and Empowerment – Charges all employees with the power and the obligation to stop all work around unsafe behavior or conditions.

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