We believe true innovation occurs when brilliant minds and motivated people work together to deliver creative solutions. Over the past years, Art and Brent Richard have assembled an extraordinary team of top-tier talent in all disciplines; encouraging personal and professional development in order to achieve the best project outcomes. Our secret to success is simple: By valuing our people, providing a supportive work environment, and challenging them to excel, we deliver exemplary results and foster creativity and innovation.

RIG senior management is directly involved in each project from beginning to end. We believe in streamlined communication and information sharing to ensure that decisions are made effectively and efficiently. It is due to this open and clear line of communication between leadership and management that project delays and overruns are avoided and progress is seen on a continuous basis.

Arthur R. Richard II | RIG Co-CEO
Art is co-founder and principal owner of RIG. Trained as a civil engineer, he has also managed numerous major projects throughout the United States for the energy and petrochemical industry. Under his leadership, the RIG group of companies work synergistically to deliver greater value to customers, while expanding the RIG business lines. Art holds an engineering degree from Lamar University.
Brent Richard | RIG Co-CEO
Brent is co-founder and principal owner of the Richard Industrial Group. During his 22 years in the business, he has worked on some of the country’s most complicated industrial projects and helped grow RDS into a full service engineering company. His hands-on experience as a piping designer and project manager give him a thorough understanding of the company’s broad scope of projects. Brent is a graduate of Lamar University Institute of Technology.
Arthur R. Richard | Program Director
Arthur Richard is the father of our company’s co-founding brothers and continues to be their role model and inspiration for success. Starting over 40 years ago as a In-Plant Maintenance Engineer, within a short time thereafter, Arthur established his own company which provided engineering and construction services to the oil refining and petrochemical industries. Projects ranged from process unit modifications to complete grass roots oil refinery units that were successfully completed on a lump sum, turnkey basis. His company completed projects with TICs as high as $360MM. Today he oversees and provides advisory support to RIG’s Management Team, including reviews of procedures, costs estimates, proposals, design concepts, progress schedules, project reports, and overall business planning of the company’s services. Arthur holds a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering.
Troy Roder | RCI President
Troy brings considerable leadership skills and vision to RCI. He draws on 23 plus years of experience, both domestic and international, to provide invaluable insight to the day to day operations of RCI, while continuing to develop the foundation of the group to provide sustainable future growth. Previously, Troy served as chairman and chief executive officer of Foster Wheeler USA in Houston Texas and Foster Wheeler Energy Limited in Reading, England. Troy holds a degree from Purdue University in engineering, along with an MBA from DePaul University. He also holds an Advanced Management Degree from Harvard University.
Shelly Leedy | RAI President
With over 20 years of experience in the process and automation field, Shelly is uniquely qualified to understand the client’s perspective and possess the talent for leadership and identifying effective technology solutions in the ever evolving world of industrial automation. Before joining RIG in 2012, she served as the President of the ENGlobal Automation Group. Shelly is a graduate of Lamar University Institute of Technology.
Dean Wenner | RDS Executive VP/General Manager, Houston
Dean brings first-hand experience with a wide range of engineering and design projects, as well as extensive management experience. He began his career as a piping engineer with Foster Wheeler USA Corporation and rose through the ranks to become executive vice president and chief operating officer of that company. After his 23 years with Foster Wheeler, he joined RDS in 2012. Dean holds an engineering degree from Pennsylvania State University.
Anthony Ferro │ Safety Director
Assisted by a strong foundation of construction and refining experience, Tony is a motivated and dedicated Safety Professional with 20+ years of experience in safety supervision/management. He has safely managed various Electrical/Instrument, Pole Line, Piping, and Structural new construction projects and maintenance contracts in the petrochemical industry. He holds numerous safety credentials which in conjunction with his vast experience has qualified him to successfully lead the award-winning RIG safety program, including authoring and maintaining company safety procedures, policies and training programs. Also a graduate from Lamar University, Tony has a degree in Computer Drafting Technology.
Tony Sciple │ Proposals and Estimating
Tony has been successful fulfilling a diverse range of roles during his 15+ year tenure in the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Such positions include management (both project and operations), lead project technical expert, estimating, planning, tracking progress, design, construction support, field support, and field construction supervision for refinery/chemical plant projects. This variety of experience has enabled Tony to successfully lead all proposal and estimating activities for RIG. Tony earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from Lamar University.

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